Got the Yak up to 145 today, then threw it in 4 lo and drove straight through the C&O canal
by YakWarrior November 10, 2010
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The Yak is a city nickname for Pontiac, Mi used mainly by people who live there. Pontiac is located in the Detroit metro area about 13 miles outside of Detroit (E Square Lake Rd to 8 Mile.) Pontiac is the county seat of Oakland County and is the home of about 60,000 people as of 2022. It is also sometimes nicknamed The Little Mo' as reference to Detroit's nickname Motown due to it's influence of architecture and culture.
Michigander 1: I'm going to Elek tonight, wanna come?
Michigander 2: Nah man, my cousin got shot in The Yak.
by ThousandSons March 29, 2022
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The Yak, an urban mythological being, known to roam the streets of Adelaide, Australia.
Sightings are rare and vary few have come in direct contact with the yak.

Is commonly known to cut your lunch, take corners like ken block and throw up
Who is the yak?, I'm not sure mate, I don't even know if he's real

I think i saw the yak yesterday, I'm not sure though to be honest
by Tyes January 22, 2013
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To have vommited or thrown up. Usually yakking happens when you drink way to much alcochol.
Holy crap man, I think i remeber that i yakked 5 times last night!!
by TCdubs February 12, 2011
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Congnac. As in the brandy. Used by hip-hop / rap artists
Sippin yak
by j May 9, 2003
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