Short for the 'YMCA.'
Guy 1: Hey I'm going to go workout later, wanna come with?
Guy 2: Yeah sure, i'll meet you at the Y in an hour.
Guy 1: Sounds good.
by tehpants July 28, 2009
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What Mormons call Brigham Young University. Heard especially in predominantly Mormon states such as Idaho and Utah.
Non-mormon: Where do you go to school?
Mormon: The Y
Non-mormon: You go to school at the YMCA?
Mormon: *scoffs*, no! BYU!
by PDOGG July 23, 2005
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Rock on, rock, anything to do with rocking.
Oh yea you rock!!!!!!! Y(>.<)Y
by Alex Talmage July 1, 2007
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What you type into your scientific calculator when you want to recreate the famous triple breast scene from Total Recall.
This is the scene from Total Recall you must see - (. Y . Y .)
by D'avid Byownyigg August 16, 2018
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Stands for yes/yes, used instead of y/n (yes/no) as a joke that yes is the only answer possible.
bonnie/greta = sea lesbians y/y?
by coellcmu May 24, 2007
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Literally, "Yes/Yes?" as opposed to "Yes/No?"

Used when saying something to someone that you already know the answer to or really want that person's answer to be Yes.
by nytetime October 28, 2010
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An expression of the rhetorical nature of a question, suggesting that the askee has to choose between 'yes' and 'yes'.
"I should buy these boots, y/y?"
by rscotland October 25, 2012
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