"Sounds good" is the perfect response - to any particular question/suggestion/opinion - that a man can give.
It could mean nothing; and it could mean everything:

"Sounds good."

You know, like it "sounds good" when you slap a girls face with your cock.
by youngboywhoneedstogrowup May 27, 2009
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A sarcastic saying in which it doesn’t really sound good but the person speaking to you who said something you just don’t believe will happen or don’t care.
Person:when class over imma beat you up
Me:”it sound good
by Mckinnie wife October 16, 2019
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Terrance always says Sounds Good when he knows he is wrong about a certain incident.
by Nani Jay November 9, 2007
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when a person says sumthing boring or something hes not going to do
yea son im bout to start getting that paper........sounds good
by tajh April 17, 2004
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When some one says something that isn't true or is bullshit you respond with, it sounds good.
Fuck boy: You I fucked your bitch all night last night
Real Nigga: Yea it sounds good.
by UD_Dominance May 14, 2015
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Someone that always tells you what u want to hear, someone that lies about experiences or connections just to look good. . .
John always telling me what he thinks I wanna hear he's one them sounds good niggas.
by NoLuv July 5, 2015
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