The Whopper is an intricate act best used for a girl who is beat as hell. There are several steps to successfully pull of the Whopper. OK, I lied its pretty simple in theory. Have a friend lift you up and push your entire body into said beat girls nasty cooter, then pull you out again. Repeat this motion as many times as necessary, essentially fucking her with your entire body.

Dude, that girl was so beat I had to have my friend come and help me give her the Whopper. That is something I would never do again, that chick's pussy smelled like the great depression.
by FranktheTankk October 21, 2007
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Most commonly used in the area of Glasgow, meaning a lie. Instead of telling a lie, you tell a whopper.
Frank: "Yeah, I gave her multiple orgasms!"

Bill: "You just told a huge whopper."
by Mattjob March 02, 2009
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An person who makes an absolute fool out of themself, without being aware that others are laughing at them!!
Get on that fuc**in whopper over there !!
by DJ Rolex July 18, 2009
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Irish slang for brilliant , or massively brilliant. Usually used in Kilbride , Tallaght , etc , etc
i know im Whopper ri?
by qwertyIRISHuiopasdfghjklzx August 06, 2010
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1. something of great size

2. a complete lie
That shoe is a whopper.
by Light Joker March 30, 2007
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