One of the best places to live in the southside of dublin.
Many people such as D4s refer to it as "UHHG" or "the northside in the southside". Many people in tallaght seem to think it is its own county since it is different to the rest of the southside. It even has its own language one of many ways to say hello in this so called county is "boyis" or "LADS" also a word wich is unknown to the english language is "shwaaaaa" it only has a meaning in tallaght and the northside
much research has gone into finding out the meaning of this unknown word.
"lads I got my fecking head kicked in near tallaght i'm now officialy shmaad"
by Spazmatron November 23, 2007
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A human who smells like curry with there patchy tan around d24 in some dangerous place called tallaght who are also called the girlos who be moving gl and has robbed lip gloss be fake tan from penneys
tallaght Girls give uck behind citywest shopping centre
by Masslife3333 October 13, 2021
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A snowstorm in Tallaght is when all the criminals from the west come out and raid stores and quite literally demolish buildings with stolen JCB's.
Person A: Hear about the snowstorm in Tallaght in 2018? They demolished a Lidl.
Person B: I heard they even robbed the safe from the back.
by Any Hash? January 03, 2019
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Tallaght black girls be moving gl but be doing the most they be moving to guys in the same friend group they don’t know how to stay at home
Tallaght black girls are wearing bonnets to school and college now how ghetto
by Masslife3333 October 14, 2021
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