Being not sociable, remaining inside and away from the general public/your friends/your family/any form of non-internet person for over 12 hours.
Ayy: Dude, I haven't seen Ci for a week, is he even alive?

Bee: He's taking part in some 4chan raid, talk about unsociable.
by Squizzy Mizzy September 20, 2009
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One who does not attend social gatherings
Brennan: "Hey do you want to go to a really cool place tonight?"

Michael: "naaaa, I think I'll pass"

Brennan: "You're a pretty unsocial person."
by Dictionary entry 103281 March 2, 2009
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When you have not talked to people in a while and your not as social.
Sheena Lu is unsocializing, for she hasn’t talked to people in a few months.
by Kidddoo August 30, 2019
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Brenda is unsocializing with that weird nerd. (No shade to nerds)
by NY_Lestrange April 2, 2017
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What social media has become
“It’s sad, but Trump, the Russians and their cronies have turned social media into an awful place of insults, bullying, lies, name-calling and other mean-spirited, vindictive behavior.”

“Yeah, unsocial media is pretty fucked up.”
by hodags1966 October 28, 2017
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An attractive person who does not enjoy socializing in a public atmosphere.
Alisha: Becky, you keep blowing off all the guys tonight!
Becky: I just want to hang with my girls tonight! I feel like being an unsocial butterfly!
by Notorius Big Ole D September 15, 2016
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Someone who has the opportunity to drink with others, but instead, chooses to hide away in his or her room and get drunk while playing World of Warcraft.
"Jeff is an unsociable drunk. We're out here playing beer pong with friends and he's upstairs WoW'ing it out."
by Ryan from Virginia June 17, 2008
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