A city in St.John's interperted to be "Hard as fuck" Inhabitants of Kilbride seem to boast this "hardness" and take pride in the fact that they "smoke darts and break hearts" Some inhabitants include Mitchell,Katie among others.Some activities that people from "The Bride" take part in is drinking,hanging at "da cabin",hanging at the "Lions Club" and smoking "darts".In conclusion it is one of the best most hardcore fly places to live in all of the places in St.John's.
Guy:So where do you live?
Girl:Kilbride HARD AS FUCK!

Example 2:
Guy:By's lets go to the cabin tonight!
Girl:Smoking darts and breaking hearts ya knows we'll be there
by Mglad April 07, 2011
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a townland/village in county meath. part of dunboyne parish but more closely associated with ratoath. once had a great GAA football team winning 5 senior meath championships. were generally considered one of the best teams in leinster around the time, late 60's/early 70's. the village basically consists of a primary school, pub, GAA pitch and church
by Toxication January 08, 2009
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Person 1 - I was in Spain last year!

Person 2 - Well i was in East kilbride!
by Jobby210 August 08, 2011
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