1 - A subdivision of Transformers made by the discord kitten, Op.
2 - Useless company that relies on making the Transformers community pissed at them
3- Stupidity part 2
Son: "I'm apart of The Ten, dad.
Dad: "Your adopted!"
by Ballsinyourface696969 March 5, 2023
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The tenth month (October) 10, 2010, one day before Canadian Thanksgiving. Mysteriously loved by people all over the internet.
Happy ten ten ten, everybody!
by W_L October 10, 2010
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Another way to say 20 and numbers beyond. Based on a Japanese comedy show.
Eighteen, nineteen... ten-ten, ten-ten-one, ten-ten-two
100: ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten
by funnyshow December 18, 2007
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A drinking game originating out of Newport Beach in which all participants must attempt to take 10 shots in 10 minutes.
Pete owned all in the Ten in Ten because bogus tricks couldn't keep up!
by PeteJPeteOPeteHPeteNPeteS July 21, 2012
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want to play some ten ten this afternoon?
by b123 December 30, 2005
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straight or right when you posses what another wants or needs
find out if quantae is ten ten on that weed
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
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An expression used when recieving a pleasant surprise, or when one discovers something that they find remarkable.
Oh, ten on ten, Lynne.
by Tony Hayres January 19, 2003
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