1000% works in an argument especially towards your annoying siblings.
Non-adopted child: Hey dickhead Your adopted
Adopted child: No im not, im telling mom
Non-adopted child: Your gonna have to find her first
Adopted child:*Cries*
by Definitely not Al May 9, 2021
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when your a fat ugly disgrace and are wanted my some old rich white people. PS, SUCK YA MUM
hey idoit, your adopted.
by suck ur mum FAQ September 20, 2020
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Used when your argument has been disproven or you have ran out of comebacks in a fight; usually injecting humor into the situation.
John: Hay Joe what did you do last night?
Joe: I was punching babies, like always.
John: Dude, your one messed up freak!
Joe:Well... Well, your adopted!
by VooDooMaster October 10, 2010
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The ultimate comeback, Not even god himself can defy this and must submit to thegodly powers of this. Even the feared "Your Cousin Non Binary" cant compare with this.
Jack: Your Mom Gay
Jill: No u
Jack: Your Dad lesbian
Jill: Your sister a mister
Jack: .... Thats it. I gotta do it to you
Jill: Gets removed from existence and no dosen't even exist anymore and gets evaporated
by Uhhh Yizzle March 22, 2018
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You get to sexually harass your adoptive mother.
And she can't do anything about it until after new years.
Ruin her fucking Christmas in a good way!
Hey moma~ wanna go to the bedroom and maybe.. ya know.. rock it?
It's seduce Your Adoptive Mom week~
by FOXALENNE December 23, 2022
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