adj.-describes a trippy situation especially situations in which there are several coincidences or similarities to other situations.

v. the act of achieving a higher level of perception in which coincidences and strange similarities allow connections to be made.
These people are exactly like the people I dreamed about last week. This is all so nineteen.

We're in the zone; we've gone nineteen.
by speshall July 18, 2009
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a) the best age ever when you're in australia. you've been able to legally drink and smoke for a year. it's just as fun as being 18, 'cept you're a little bit smarter

b) a tegan and sara song. also the best ever
a) fuck yeah being nineteen rulz

by hello i am sam yay September 6, 2011
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the sexiest age that there is and the sexiest females get married at this age.
Damn, that wife is nineteen I'm not sure why she wasn't married at eighteen.
by SweetieHeart June 20, 2008
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Follows eighteen on the number line, comes before twenty.

One of the most useless ages ever. Nothing good happens when you're nineteen.
Kid: Hey, what's that number after eighteen?
Parent: Nineteen. Then after nineteen is twenty.

Friend: Dude! You're nineteen now!
Birthday Boy: Yeah. But what's exciting about that? You can't do anything when you're nineteen or twenty. So I have nothing to look forward to next year.
by mary-lo July 14, 2008
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Similar to No Nut November, you cannot ejaculate or bust one under any circumstance. Although, No Nut Nineteen takes place during all of 2019. You cannot ejaculate or bust one for the entirety of 2019. That's right, an entire year without busting a nut. Those who undergo this challenge will start to notice that they strange abilities after the 2nd week of January, but those who finish the challenge will have power beyond imagination.

The rules are similar to those of No Nut November, but some have been changed. It's simple

- The challenge takes place starting exactly the second after December 31st of 2018 and ends the second after December 31st of 2019

- You are not allowed to have any form of sex, masturbation, or bust a nut.

- The watching of pornography and boners are tolerated, although busting a nut in doing so will result in an immediate fail.

- You shall only experience one wet dream, but none further than that. Having more than one will result in an immediate fail.

- You only have one shot. Fail even once, and you're out for the entire year.

- If one survives the year without failing, he shall deemed a victor of the challenge.

- If one should break ANY of the rules, he shall take the L immediately.

- ( You have exactly survive the entire time, no later than the second it turns 2019, and the second it turns 2020 )

Do at your own risk.

But is it really that hard not to nut for a year?
Little Jimmy had attempted No Nut Nineteen. He was walking home after a strenuous day of school only to find that his girlfriend, Chalesa, was in his bed. "Hey baby, lemme have it," Chalesa said. "Aww man, I'm sorry girl, but I can't," he replied. "Why not?" she asked. "Babe, I'm sorry but Im doing No Nut Nineteen," he answered. "So you think that made-up challenge is better than your OWN bitch!?" she yelled. "No it's not-," he said before being cut off by Chalesa, "It's like what?" she asked. "You know what?" she replied. "We're done. That's it, we're over," she said peacefully stomping out of the room. She slammed the door. Pow! It shook the room to it's core leaving Little Jimmy closer to passing No Nut Nineteen, but ultimately losing his bitch.
by MoscoTheGuy November 29, 2018
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An early-mid 90s alt rock band out of Boston
yo, have you heard "Skull" by the Drop Nineteens?
by WarGoatForestWolf666 April 11, 2010
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when everything is changed, all rules go out the window and reality is put on it's head because anything is possible. Comes from Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.
They knew that they were beyond Ka now, everything had gone nineteen.

They were in the land of nineteen.

"Dude i dunno what the fuck, i feel like everything is going nineteen on me."
by a different name brandon April 2, 2008
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