When you put a thumb in her butt and a pinky in her vagina using one hand, keeping the middle 3 fingers in a fist.
She gave me the phone signal at the bar and I gave her the telephone the next day.
by ThePhoneHandler March 24, 2017
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adv. By telephonic means or processes; by the use of the telephone.
Can I please recieve the secret code
That if enetered telephonically
Would pass me through to you
Which means it will be your beautiful ass number?
by BeccaMarieee November 17, 2008
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A common disorder precipitated by the overconsumption of alcohol causing the hammered sufferer to reach out by phone to every last person in their telephone contact list.
In a state of tragic undeniable pathos, a bad case of telephonitis drove her to make attempt after attempt to communicate absolutely nothing of importance with seriously shitfaced unintelligible slurring and an endless flood of tears!
by Dr Bunnygirl October 30, 2020
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A popular IRL chat client of the 20th century.
Guy 1: Dude, the funniest thing happened when I was talking on the telephone yesterday.
Guy 2: Telephone? Isn't that that antiquated thing my grandma uses?
by tofudragon May 6, 2008
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What people used in the 1300's and before. The telephone was often used by dinosaurs as a fetch toy. Telephones are like cell phones, only 100 times worse because they are the primitive version. The first person to make a telephone was God's great grandfather.
Last time I heard that I had to get off of my telephone.
by My Name Is George July 11, 2011
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when a word or phrase becomes completely garbled and misinterpreted due to misinformation of said original word or phrase
"Non-factual statements such as paraphrases or reported speech can become telephoned due to misinformed spread of knowledge"
by Anonymous_Reader April 3, 2017
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a game children play when you describe an item and each child in a line add to the description of that item to see how outrageous it gets by the end, also what nosey adults do with information to make someone look bad by adding untruthful information (exaggerating)
It's like a game of telephone when you try to get to the truth about what was said about Bob at work.
by butterfly4LOVE January 18, 2009
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