This scroll, is the Ultimate Scroll. They should put this right behind the US Constitution. Yes, it is this important.
Don't touch The Scroll.
by Negger October 28, 2004
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To roll up a blunt with weed.
"yo you want me to scroll that blunt real quik?"
by Scroll Masta April 12, 2007
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Created in 2003 - A compilation of words put together typically on a piece of paper. These words are arranged for maximum hilarity. This is achieved by discecting funny sounding words in the English langauge (and on the occasion, made up. E.X. Chise). Some scrolls may contain headers, or "themes", in which a piece of paper reflects an object of everyday life. Either that, or it makes no sense at all.
Theme: How to do scrolls

Snort the dorsil fin of Tiny Tim Mutombo. Swallow a large scoop of cream. Use my begotten container or swab my radish. My lavender stew presents problems for Gumbi.
by Scrollie September 21, 2006
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verb. To request (more of demand) something of someone in the name of out-ranking them. Originated from a fraternity or sorority's scroll, a list of all members, by rank and number.
1: Pick up my gum wad.
2: No way, dude! That's gross.
1: I scroll you.
2: Fine...
by Mark July 24, 2004
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The act of fingering female genitalia, either through masturbation or with assistance from a partner.
Josh: Why are your fingers so tired, Alex?
Alex: I was scrolling that girl Kailyn all of last night.
Josh: Lucky! I never get to do that...
by RedVelvet February 12, 2011
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In internet chat rooms and instant messaging, "scrolling" is the practice of turning what should be one line of text into multiple lines. This is an annoyance to other users, as scrolled messages take up more screen real estate.
ph33r dhoom: hey guyz
ph33r dhoom: wuz ^
merc275: uh, hi
ph33r dhoom: so um
ph33r dhoom: i was wonderin
ph33r dhoom: does ne1 have ne
ph33r dhoom: jessica simpson nudie pics?????????
merc275: dude, quit scrolling
by Moggraider August 11, 2006
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When used in the correct context scrolling can be considered quite sexual, especially amongst nerds. The act of scrolling involves basically performing any sex act imaginable. This allows nerds to have awkward conversations without being awkward at all.
"Hey baby wanna scroll up and down through some websites later?"
"Only if you push all my right buttons if you know what i'm saying...maybe even double click a little."
"Sounds great i'll bring the firewall, don't wanna catch any viruses."
"Guess we'll be scrolling all night long."
by Art M. Typal November 1, 2011
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