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The elation one feels when his sexual partner has their period and knows she is not pregnant. The man is then perfectly fine with putting up with any of his girl's bitchiness due to the fact that he is in a state of period ecstasy. The should not be confused with period heart attack in which case the man dies inside when his sexual partner misses their period.
Girl: I had my period!
Girl: Now let's talk about my day...
Boy: I'm in a state of period ecstasy so sure..
by Art M. Typal October 20, 2011

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When used in the correct context scrolling can be considered quite sexual, especially amongst nerds. The act of scrolling involves basically performing any sex act imaginable. This allows nerds to have awkward conversations without being awkward at all.
"Hey baby wanna scroll up and down through some websites later?"
"Only if you push all my right buttons if you know what i'm saying...maybe even double click a little."
"Sounds great i'll bring the firewall, don't wanna catch any viruses."
"Guess we'll be scrolling all night long."
by Art M. Typal November 01, 2011

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(adjective) The name for an individual who is neither black nor white but rather a combination of the two and normally is not accepted by either group.
Matt: Yo, is Barack Obama black or white?
Don: Neither man, he's whack.
by Art M. Typal May 05, 2010

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noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.: can be used for anything at any time and can also be positive or negative. Language of origin: Dunmore-English-American-Weggy
1. What the wegs mom, that's so weggy!!!

2. Shut the weggy up you weggy!

3. Let's go weggying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Art M. Typal August 21, 2010

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Used when someone is completely pwned. This may only be used in a group of people and after zwah, zing, and zwoosh have been called. This also must be said while using a hand motion to signify the total pwnage. This hand motion includes turning your hand palm up, then moving it up and away from you as you elongate saying "zipppapotamus." All spellings include tree continuous p's.
Mike: Man, i just can't figure this out.
Matt: Yeah thats what she said. Zwah!
Zach: Zing
Randy: Zwoosh!!!!
Greg: Zipppapotamus!!!!!
by Art M. Typal May 03, 2010

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used after someone is totally pwned. Usually said after zwah and zing have already been called. While saying this one must use a hand motion of what they percieve to be a "zwoosh."
Usain: Yo man, I am faster than any other guy in the world.
Matt: Yeah thats what your girlfriend told me. ZWAH!!
Zach: Zing!
Randy: Zwoosh!!! (insert hand motion)
by Art M. Typal May 03, 2010

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code for slut/whore/basically any girl on a college campus. By calling these girls pinecones, people can openly talk about them without the pinecones even knowing.
(girls with basically no clothes on walk by)

"Dude, do you smell some pinecones or is it just me?"
"Yeah man i smell it, there must be a pine tree around here somewhere."
by Art M. Typal October 30, 2011

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