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Someone who always knows what to say, can make you laugh any time of day, after anything.

Does the sweetest things without even knowing it, and will go out of her way to make you smile. She is very very very VERY funny as hell, even when she doesn't mean to be.

Way smarter than she gives herself credit for.

Preferably, she’s very beautiful, fine, or whatever has lots of friends,but she’s not someone to mess with. She’s crazy does the most stupid things. Sometimes acts slow, and very well known. She can be a bitch sometimes, but we all have our moments.Gets in trouble most of the time, and she’s like a sister to most of her friends.
Kailyn is a beautiful, funny,crazy, and stupid person but makes you laugh and smile a lot.
by Hehahehahehehehe January 14, 2018
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The most smart, athletic, talented beautiful girl in the world. Having her is the most amazing thing to have in life. Everyone loves her. They can't stand seeing her upset. Life without Kailyn is like life without air. If you have her, make sure you keep her. She is the most valuable thing to have.
"Hey, who is that girl? She is so beautiful and talented! Her sport skills are amazing too!"
"Oh, that's Kailyn.
by Soccer|acting December 24, 2014
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Always puts other people before herself. If you ever get a chance to call her as your own, don't EVER let her go. She is the most friendliest person you will ever meet, but she also has her dirty sides ;) but only after she is comfortable with you. Don't ever rush her into things, she will rarely ever forgive you. She may make some mistakes along the way, but she will try her best to make up for it.
Guy 1: So I met this girl named Kailyn, she's really nice.
Guy 2: Yeah, I dated her once. Best girlfriend I ever had..
Guy 1: Oh well, she's mine now! She loves me to death
by mysteryyyyyy January 18, 2011
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Wild and crazy, possibly bi-polar. Loving and kind, always willing to try something new and be extreme in both good and bad,but if you get on her bad side, you will not enjoy it. Will likely threaten you, and may very well act on such threats.
Damn, you should be named Kailyn!
by Da-Mutt July 03, 2012
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The most wonderful lady in the world had her at one time but lost her if you run into this person you should be greatful and cherish what you have.
Kailyn is so loveable no matter how mad she makes you.
by Darkdesires October 10, 2008
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Kailyn’s are very smart and beautiful. They tend to have very nice bodies and are very athletic. They are known to be very freaky in the bed and will do anything to please there loved one. They are also fun to hang around and turn up with. Take care of a Kailyn she is the most precious person you can have in your life.
Omg Kailyn’s are the best girls in the world!
by gas stations are fire May 03, 2018
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Kailyn is the kind of girl to make you laugh whenever you are feeling down. She is an amazing friend and would always tough through anything! She is a crazy person, but everyone still loves her. She has a lot of friends. However Kailyn is not someone to mess with. She is very strong. She is way smarter than she gives herself credit for. Kailyn is naturally beautiful and very pretty. She is such a kind friend and anyone would be lucky to have her.
“Kailyn makes my day!”
by Yours Trulyyyy December 18, 2018
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