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This is when a guy is getting his dick sucked standing up and gets a finger up is ass he is cumming. This causing him to stand straight up like a stick is in his ass, with his arms out and a brainless look of uncertainty of whether or not it's ok to like what just happened.
Listen to this girl! Last night I stuck my finger up my man's ass, he stood up like The Scarecrow you see in every cornfield in Nebraska . The real funny part was he got all confused and embarrassed like he didn't like it. Girl, you know he did! He wasn't in Kansas anymore that's for sure!
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 04, 2016
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An underrated villain in the Batman franchise.
Born Jonathan Crane, he was born out of wedlock and raised by his overly-religious grandmother. As a kid, he was picked on by his lanky and bookish appearance, often called 'Scarecrow' and 'Ichabod Crane'.

After being bullied by Bo Griggs and rejected by Sherry Squires, a cheerleader, he made his trademark costume, sneaked up on them at the senior prom and startled Griggs by shooting his car, causing an accident that resulted in the paralysis of Griggs and the death of Squires.
He then became a doctor at Arkham Asylum, but only took the job to induce fear-experiments on the patients.

He eventually succumbed to madness, placed the costume back on and started using his Fear Gas and Fear Toxins to commit crimes.

His Fear Gas and Fear Toxin cause the host to see their worst fear. He also resorts to physical combat, called 'Violent Dancing', which is a combination of Crane-Style Kung-Fu and drunken boxing.

He used to be terrified of bats, but due to his long exposure to his own toxins, he only became afraid of Batman and is incapable of fearing anything else.

He can be usually seen with a straw hat, brown hood and with a brown shirt, brown pants and moccasins. He alm,ost always wields a scythe.
However, in Batman: Arkham Asylum, his hat was replaced with gas mask, and his scythe replaced with five fluorescent-orange needles strapped on his right hand, sort of like Freddy Kruger.
Arkham Guard: Doctor Crane! Don't do this!
The Scarecrow: There is no Crane...only Scarecrow! (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
by Anne Boleyn the Jokeress June 30, 2011
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