An idiot . Someone who is missing a brain. Like the scarecrow in Wizard of OZ, "If I only had a brain..."
Staying up until the wee hours of the morning and still gong to work can make you feel like a scarecrow.
by Shyrose June 21, 2012
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A sweet fuckin' Batman character from DC who gives people nightmares. He pales in comparions to the Joker, but he's cool none the less.
Scarecrow uses hypodermic heroine needles to give people nightmares while they are awake! SWEET!
by T.Alva August 9, 2008
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A person who acts happy but is really sad or deppresed
Guys we need to help him hes being a scarecrow
by Dont know what to put January 12, 2018
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Used to describe a male friend who is so ugly and/or socially challenged that he scares women away.

Only useful where women are sometimes referred to as "BURDS" or "CHICKS".
Mick : Mate I asked James if he wanted to come out with us tonight.

Bradley : Aw man why? That guys a total scarecrow!

Gary : We need to lose Hugh tonight he is scaring all the burds away!

Franco : Yeah he is a right scarecrow
by SIDEBOOB09 August 2, 2010
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A protector; a legend; In the year 1589, the ancient tribes of Northern Africa spoke of a man that stood in the fields of rice to protect it from predators and evil spirits. It is believed, according to the legend, that the man had no name and no family. He was an orphan of Great Africa, his mother the sky and his father the nature below. According further to the legend, when the moon was high and bright and the wind was nothing but a "calm breath," the ghosts of past warriors from enemy tribes would come out of their resting places and attack the rice fields. The "Scarecrow Man," as he was later to be known as, would fight them off.
That mysterious man over there is like Scarecrow
by Hatey October 14, 2008
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A woman who is very unattractive and unintelligent , but does not realize it . She is ugly enough that if you cut her guts out and replaced them with straw or hay , and shoved a long stick up her ass , she would be startling enough to keep the crows out of your garden .Another plus is that you wouldn't have to listen to her idiotic ramblings .
Man , my mother-in-law is such a scarecrow , but I put up with her to make my husband happy .

That girl over there thinks everyone wants to sugar her up , but she's so ugly , dumb and boring that she is a total scarecrow , and doesn't even know it .
by MohawkedGirlyGirl September 19, 2013
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