Possibly the coolest fictional character of all time. Batman's archenemy, with a thing for green and purple. Has been played by Jack Nicholson and many others. Also known as the Clown Prince of Crime and the Ace of Knaves.
"Joker and Batman faced off in Gotham City and Batman got sprayed with Smilex."
by The Joker HAHA December 02, 2006
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The main character from Persona 5. He's a high school student who also leads a gang called the Phantom Thieves.
Joker is my favorite video game character. I'm so happy he's in Smash Bros.!
by Some guy on UD July 26, 2019
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a Philosophical view and lifestyle comonly associated with Latino culture this is apparent in murals tatoos and latin art that can be found in the Los angeles area and california,
"the Joker is always smilling no matter if the card is faced down, when your cards are played and it looks as though u are losing the game remember this."
"laugh now cry later."
this philosophy encourages the act of appearing happy or somewhat not troubled as this term orriginated in the East LA barrio's where gang life is apparent as with troubles braught uppon by this sort of situation.
orale ese the joker is smilling at you man. meaning he has good luck
by Jorge Salas (A.K.A. Joker J.) October 02, 2006
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The best super Villan of all time. He is the exact opposite as the DC comics super hero Batman and that is what makes him the greatest enemy. Though his backstory or origin is unknown some of DC's comics have givin away some information on who the Joker used to be. He is a man named Jack Niapper who has a pregnant wife but can't make any money because no one laughs at his jokes. His wife is killed in an accident and he is forced to steel something from the power plant he used to work at. The police find him in a " Red Hood" costume and that's when Batman comes and scares Jack so much that he jumps into a vat of chemicals which bleach his skin white and turn him totally insane so then he is known as the Joker.
by SockstFox1987 June 23, 2016
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When you eat out a girl while she is on her period. You come up with "joker" lips.
JACK: "heyyy r u on ur period?"
SHITHEAD: "umm.. yeah?"
JACK: "lets do the joker"
SHITHEAD: "aight"
by gpam June 25, 2011
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A sexual act when as the male is ejaculating, he makes an extremely swift left to right movement(or right to left) across the female's mouth, creating a line of semen from cheek to cheek. Similar to the joker's wounds.
I've had sex with many animals, and one time I gave a girl a joker across her butt hole.
by Nay Nay August 17, 2008
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