Another way of saying $50.

ORIGIN: Virgil only donated $50 to help the BLM Movement and Protests.
$NOT: I’m a keep it 2 Virgils with y’all. Fuck the racists


BROSKI #1: Ayo, can you a split a hundred?
BROSKI #2: Yeah sure, here’s two Virgils.
by Ph1nh June 2, 2020
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A gay Emo anxious adorable nightmare
Roman: Yo where's Virgil
Logan: he's in his room being anxious again
by CrownedHowell April 8, 2018
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The sweetest, most kindest partner anyone could ask for. Talking to them and being with them is one of the most comforting things to exist. They never fail to make you feel better, and you'd do anything for them. They're usually a very big geek, and sometimes get insecure about. They rant to you, and you love it because you just know how happy it makes them. They're the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, and they look amazing in a dress. You might even get jealous, since they'll look better in a dress than you would. They're very emotional, and have a lot going on but try their hardest not to let the people around them down. Sometimes they just need a shoulder. On top of all this, they've been blessed by Aphrodite herself and sex with them is AMAZING. They know exactly what they're doing, and most likely they're a switch which goes great. They're beautiful, even if they don't know it. Their voice, their laugh, you'd give anything to hear it. And whenever you're apart, it's like a piece of you is missing. Once you find a Virgil, never let them go. Keep them forever.
"Yo have you met Virgil"

"Definitely, I want to marry them"
by jinjin304 January 27, 2022
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there's a lot of definitons about how the name virgil means weird stuff like a gay furry, but it actually means a guy who never is wrong and never needs to wear anything good looking cuz he will always look amazing in it. He also knows martial arts.
Virgil is also a Danish football player, but it's not something all Virgils share.
guy: That guy makes me wanna go gay.
guy2: Dude that's virgil he'd be straight even if J.K rowling and James charles both tried to make him gay.
guy: Oh shit my bad I don't wanna mess with him.
by vuelle May 16, 2019
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A new way of saying "50" because this rich ass man only donated $50 to the Minnesota freedom fund
-how do u wanna split this cake?
- Virgil/Virgil

-oh okay gotchu
by Hoohaa2476 June 4, 2020
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A Roman poet (70 BCE to 19 BCE) who wrote the Aeneid, an epic poem that was commisioned by the emperor Augustus.
Virgil wrote in latin.
by moonbug November 12, 2006
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this word came into existence via twitter after wealthy celebrity and designer, Virgil Abloh, donated just $50 to bail funds as his contribution to the movement that ensued after George Floyd, and many other innocent black lives were taken away from us by police.

in short, a Virgil is $50.
cashier: "that'll be a Virgil"

customer: "I only have an $100 bill, can you break it into two Virgils?"
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