The condition where by the butt crack becomes sweaty, clamy, itchy and most likely feces filled, brought on by insufficient wiping after taking a dump.
I should have been more diligent with the Charmin. Now I have a vicious case of The Rot.
by the DMKG May 26, 2010
"Rotting" is a super advanced form of suffering that only individuals with no positives in their life can experience. Once you become a rotter, you can not go back. Every slight inconvenience can spark rotting in real rotters, which will cause them to spew absurd amounts of bullshit about their lack of success and self-confidence.
Trust me bro I'm rotting. I got curved by 4 girls today and they were a 6 tops.
I just got my dick stuck in my graphics card and I've never rotted so hard in my life.
by truerotter May 22, 2019
To decay. However, in slangish terms: to be beaten down, reduced or diminished by an event or place that has made a negative effect on your life. This may have affected your finances, health, social life or any number of other factors important to you.
I can't stand working here, it sucks so bad. I've been going downhill ever since I've been here. This job is making me rot.

I've rotted away in university. My school years of constant studying and no life, year after year, have ruined my life.
by PuzZLeR October 23, 2006
A "clan" in the game of RuneScape led by a horse. Those members in this clan cannot exceed double digit IQ and must wear red capes, red helmets and red water wings to be easily identified. They take part in many areas of this game, including farming, herding, trolling and the deep wild derby. Prey consists of Kill Orgy, and predators consist of Violent Resolution, Echo of Silence and those involved with animal cruelty.
Oh wow, that Rot member nearly drowned in lake fallador while running from EoS and VR.
by Mattbrazil_2 December 7, 2010
What bodies do after the Grim Reaper takes their souls.
"Hi. I'm the Grim Reaper. I just wanted to say, I just take the souls. From that point on, the bodies are yours. I don't take the body. It just rots."
"Is that it?"
"And rots."
by NinjaJesus December 13, 2004
To be really lazy and sit around on your ass watching movies or doing nothing.
I was rotting so hard yesterday! So many things I should have done but I just watched Pauly Shore movies all day.
by Rott March 31, 2009
acronym for Revenge of the Sith, aka star wars episode 3, yes...the prequil that didnt suck at all.
if you didnt like ROTS then you can rot.
by nickers May 20, 2005