The first animated show produced entirley in canada. Watched by entire families when aired. Ran from 1985 to 1991.
Hey, did you guys see The Raccoons last night?
by zartok-35 August 27, 2006
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Aka Trash Pandas Aka horrible tits

Trash tits that you wish were rounded and not like two raccoons tails
How am I going to wear this backless dress without a bra? My raccoons will be obvious to everyone that sees me
by Working Class Hero December 28, 2020
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A cute badass animal that is naturally bulletproof owning a pet raccoon makes you all powerful and all the girls will be on your dick they kill your enemies no questions asked and make a quick silent job of it the only way to kill a raccoon is to bless an ancient sword and stab it in the heart
Oh shit a Raccoon fucking run
by Raccoonlover May 29, 2019
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The religion and way of the raccoon, headed by a raccoon pope, and followed by raccoonmen. We belive in raccjesus.
Hey Aiden have you heard of raccoonism?

Aiden: silence young one, join us or die.
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The act of stealing and drinking other people's beer, usually the ass. Most commonly found with half finished cans on the beer-pong table and if you have no self-respect, out at a bar. Usually the "racoon" is heavily inebriated and is only interested in consuming more beer.
"What the fuck? Where's my beer? I told you to watch it!"

"Sorry dude, some guy came out of the shadows and started raccooning beers left and right, he got like 4 of em.

"Dammit! This bar has a raccoon problem. Call animal control before he steals anything else."
by TC231 February 17, 2013
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When you are so tired, the bags under your eyes have bags.
Kelsey went out too late last night -- she's raccooning hard.
by Poley on the Pole June 18, 2018
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