Fucking awesome band form Blackpool!
And the lead singer is a sexy fuck
Look em up! Possibly on Myspace ;)
Girl : What you doing tonight?
Boy : Going to see The Piers, they're fucking awesome!
Girl : Ahh I saw them last week, the singer is one sexy fuck
by Supersonic1991 February 8, 2009
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translated from the latin 'piersiosictos' (the greek god of fish) piers can be defined as immortal, chizzled and with a big penis.
jesus.. there go's a right piers!...
by pppiiieeerrrsss February 28, 2008
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He can be the best friend of your or your worst enemy. But you would be truly lucky to know someone called piers. He spends too much money. He is extremely talented and skilled with great potential for success. Plus a extremely hard working guy
Your so lucky to have Piers
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wow!!! look at that them tings! she has a nice piere
by showerman2012 December 28, 2011
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One of the most amazing people in the world. They will never not care for you.

And they make you feel like your the only person in their world
by Lola’s kingdom September 8, 2018
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Bridges the gap between two opposing elements.
A pier begins on land and ends in the water; metaphysically it spans from the physical to the emotional.
by Callisa February 4, 2010
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1. An uncompleted bridge extending into a large body of water
2. A store at which one can purchase useless wicker decorations
3. An overly abrasive female law student with extrodiarily large blonde hair.
I was appalled by that pier.
by Johnny 'U-Jean' Law April 16, 2007
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