to fill or overcome with horror/ dismay/ fear/ consternation.
I am appalled at your mistakes.
by Richoo October 8, 2013
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Awful, Terrible, horrendous; Dobson High School Home Referees
The referees at Dobson High are always so appalling
by CalorieCounter621 April 15, 2016
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verb: an even more shocking version of the word "appalling" meaning "Max and Podgorski are shit". This is an interesting concept, whilst also containing a highly objective and factual perception; one which cannot be denied.
His obnoxious use of the English language is quite appaling
by the chosen one2 September 23, 2010
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A person who is not up to the standard of humor and or acceptable behaviour. Usually has mental problems and dillusions. Most often has a plastic Nationality
The Grome and Collyk are Awesome, Pedrocole is an Appalling Cunt :nod:
by collyk October 10, 2008
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is the initial attraction you have when you first see a prostitute that quickly turns to dismay as you take a second look.
Ahead on the corner was a true hottie, I dropped the passenger window to get a better look, Horrified, I realized she was a he. Once again, fooled by curb appall.
by tlinget October 10, 2011
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not slay
I am appalled at this

"Pugs appall me -> pugs make me feel not slay"
by maebymaeidk March 28, 2023
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