The Male Gender Disease's highest point. The victim becomes a shallow jerk who likes to break hearts and have sex with every slut he sees. They dress like idiots and act the same way. Some are worse affected than others. But 99.9% of guys have this disease. There is no cure for the disease but their are various ways to handle it....evil ways....... MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
John Tucker Must Die is a very good movie to watch to see the best way to handle these diseased creatures.
NO i will not have an example of High School Boys!! Screw you!
by MOI2222222222222222222 December 17, 2009
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The boys at Grand Ledge are weird as hell.
The white boys act black

And the Black Boys act white

And the mixed boys act like both
Girl these Grand Ledge High School Boys weird as hell!!!
by Honeymoney* October 10, 2017
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Westcliff high school for boys is a wam school where the guys aren't gay like other normal just boys school. The mandem are gyalists whereas the girls in the sixth form are peng. SSO 0BP is their code
Guy 1 : " Yh, I went Harris academy . what about you "
Guy 2 : " Fam, I went westcliff high school for boys uno the drill . we piped your yaks but still got mad gcses "
by Westcliff O December 29, 2018
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A school full of boys that are weird. They think they are all smart but in reality they aren't. And the only good people that are there are the girls in sixth form. Girl power!!!
Jessica: Yeah I saw Tom yesterday!
Whitney: Oh that weirdo from southend high school for boys?
Jessica: Yeah mate
by hehemichaeljacksonfu January 12, 2020
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this is a school of moist wasteman and wannabe roadmen. the supposed mandem walk around sagging but when they touch yard they pull it straight back up. The majority chat to ygs but they have a lot of vibe. the teachers are built madly and lack composure. The beanies in the sixth form are leng however the beanies that the rest of he mandem chat to aren’t pushing p
icl i go westcliff high school for boys
by NotAjayi March 28, 2022
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