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we all know that hobos are homeless, and unfortunately, they don't have bathrooms either. hobo butter refers to piles of hobo poo on sidewalks, in alleys, in corners, etc.
"DUDE! look out for that hobo butter on the wall!"
by lauren S June 18, 2006
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basically the worst thing that ever happened to this earth.
exhibit A:I'm going to go buy myself a new SUV next week

exibit B- but didnt you just get this one 2 yrs ago?

exhibit A: yes, but it doesnt have a built in DVD player to entertain my kids because im too lazy to raise them myself.
by lauren S July 19, 2005
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not reality at all- seriously, who the fuck gets stuck on an island & wins money for it? you'll never see two rich bitches working on a farm, real top models do not endure contests/ challenges, a popular ultra-chic chick will never be caught dead with a nerd, and none of these 'american idols' ever become legends.

see shit
The surreal life, kept, strip search, fear factor, survivor, blow out, the bachelor, the bachelorette, beauty & the geek, the simple life, gastineau girls , americas next top model, american idol, pretty much every single fucking show- if you watch more than 3 of these on a regualr basis, you dont even have your own reality.
by lauren S July 19, 2005
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same shit as abercrombie, aero, and american eagle as well. and it is NOT cheaper you dumbass.

honestly, do you people realize everytime you buy these clothes, your just paying money to advertise for them? why do you think every single clothing piece has the logo sprawled across the front- and if its not there, its on your ass.

anybody who strictly shops at any of these stores are dumbass victims to capitalism.
hey trisha! i got the CUTEST shirt from hollister- omg you have to see it! its yellow & it says 'hollister' on the front- isnt that hott?!?
by lauren S July 19, 2005
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