A powerful bald man who appears in many movies such as fast and furious as Dominic, or the scorpion king.
All those baldies look the same, I cant tell the pebble from Vin Diesel
by EggSpurt March 24, 2019
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the act of smoking marijuana and you get only a lil buzzed ,but not stoned.
that kid with the long hair and the glasses isnt stoned he's just pebbled.
by KAZZILLA99 March 20, 2010
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(n.) a small very amount of cocaine

See: birdies, stones, rocks, weight
"Now wait up; hold up; get it straight.
You push pebbles, I push weight."
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
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A small granule of feces that remains attached to the hair around the anus.
Larry really needs to start wiping better, his butt crack is full of pebbles.
by muonic March 09, 2010
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a little stoned, ie not too high
"I don't know if I want to get stoned, but I'll get a little pebbled."
by Monty S September 20, 2007
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when the areolae on breasts begin to become aroused, they often get goose bumps which makes them look like they are covered in pebbles as they start to harden and tighten.
When watching Supernatural, Lilly could always gauge how excited Dean made her by lifting her shirt collar and glancing down to see how much her nipples were pebbling.
by nycpenpusher February 04, 2017
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