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(n.) a small very amount of cocaine

See: birdies, stones, rocks, weight
"Now wait up; hold up; get it straight.
You push pebbles, I push weight."
by Colorful-Ice May 25, 2004
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A small granule of feces that remains attached to the hair around the anus.
Larry really needs to start wiping better, his butt crack is full of pebbles.
by muonic March 09, 2010
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Used to describe the shape of a small round person.

commonly referred to as: "pebble life xoxoxox"
"Your figure is fine! I'm just a pebble!"


"Does this dress make me look like a pebble?"
by hoisinsauce November 14, 2011
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an absolute dickwad of a guy. Constantly finessing 10 girls at once and tries to make everyone believe they're special and the one.
person 1 : did you hook up with any guys in the club last night ?
person 2: no only some pebbles came up to me so I stayed far away
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1. British slang for the testicles. See penis for synonyms.
2. Under-aged, sexually-active female, derived from the character of Pebbles, Fred and Wilma's baby girl in The Flintstones.
3. cocaine
She's an pebbles!!!...
by VAKI5 January 20, 2005
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