The Orphan is an expert form of masturbation developed at the dormitory of Shasta College. It is rumored to be practiced by Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga.

It is an evolved form of the move "The Stranger" in which the arm stays underneath during the entirety of your performance.

Steps for performing The Orphan:
First, find a comfortable chair.
Second, reach your hand underneath your rear end until it becomes numb and you lose feeling, while still retaining motion,
Third, grab your penis between your legs.
Fourth, move your hand back and forth while continuing to squeeze firmly.
Fifth, do not remove your hand at any point in time.
Dan did not have anything to do on Friday night, so he tried to perfect the orphan...unfortunately, he used a belt sander.
by The Hairy Scary Orphan Man November 21, 2009
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A formal word used to describe ones dinner
Have you tried eating the orphans? They're fucking delicious
by BiffTheGooseFucker March 8, 2021
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Someone who does not have a family.
"I am the second worst things that happened to the orphans."
by APersonDuhWhy YouWondering December 1, 2020
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The act of rendering someone an orphan.
"I would totally orphanize someone for a PS3"
by Paul X. November 20, 2006
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“Are you an orphan?”
Alfred get the adoption papers
by deeznutsupyourmum September 10, 2021
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1.(adj) Lacking in quality;Bad; Not deserving of love and affection.
2. (n.) A child exhibiting these qualities.
1. Getting kicked in the nuts is totally orphan.
2. Look at that orphan, let's spit on him.
by AJ April 7, 2005
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The loss of two parents or all parents, especially is literature. See bastardise.
Words like snowballing, which is an urban sexual term, are considered orphaned because the combined meaning has nothing to do with snow or balls. Well, maybe balls. The term orphaned would not apply to words that are made up entirely. fo shizzle my nizzle could be considered orphaned or bastardized since the phrase has roots in real words.
by David Porter October 13, 2003
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