A womens vagina (better known as pussy)
Let me ram my dick in your monkey.
by Katy the white girl July 27, 2006
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A furry animal that shall soon be the rulers of the universe. They have big ears.
"They're coming man. The monkeys. They're coming for me!"
by Skiff December 31, 2004
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Monkeys are haplorhine ("dry-nosed") primates, a paraphyletic group generally possessing tails and consisting of approximately 260 known living species. Many monkey species are tree-dwelling (arboreal), although there are species that live primarily on the ground, such as baboons. Most species are also active during the day (diurnal). Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent, particularly Old World monkeys.
Hey there is a monkey over there in the bush!
by M.Nightsmamalalmadingdong March 25, 2016
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The most awesome animal in the world. Can be tamed to play instruments, act in movies, etc. He who has a monkey 0wns.
I bought a monkey yesterday, and now I am extremely cool.
by KaiserMonkey August 27, 2003
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Species linked closely to humanity. Left humans behind and moved to space. Earth monkeys still exist on earth because they are evil and were also left behind.. Earth monkeys want to kill us... Space monkeys will be our salvation
by Nickfromstrood August 26, 2006
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Verb--to roast/burn a complete and total idiot when you can't think of anything else dumb enough for them to understand. Go back in their evolution, if they ever evolved in the first place!! XD
"OMG ur soooo stupid! You monkey!! No wonder you're not evolved enough to know what 1+1 is."
by the_bEsTpErSo_NeVeR September 9, 2022
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To fool with something. To fix, tinker, mess with.
by monkiki February 25, 2005
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