Code name for collecting weed when you don't want people around you to know.
Phonecall: 'Yes, the monkey is in the cage"
by PoomPlex October 17, 2007
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The 10 and the face card is the monkey.

Must be said with cheesy chinese accent
by Slippery Pete December 30, 2004
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The Monkey Is Good
The Monkey Is Great
We Surrendur Ourselves As Of This Date.

The Monkey is the wise and cruel god, who rules the Earth from his throne in the centre of the Earth.
He's bloody brilliant.
Must be The Monkey.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
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The racist, religionist, sexist, and homophobic orange monkey I bought at the school sale
The monkey is unlove like normal
by Gaymur September 23, 2019
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when you feel empty inside and you go outside and spend money on things you don't need
you experience a short lived rush or high only to be followed by regret, shock, disgust. similar to drug use and addiction. the brain's stimuli are the same.
"Its insane what happens when i am let loose at the mall and experience The Mon(k)ey.
via giphy
by they call me nichtsnutz September 19, 2020
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The act of throwing shit at your partner during sex
They did the monkey and it smelled
by Hdhdhdgdgdh September 11, 2018
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