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The most awesome animal in the world. Can be tamed to play instruments, act in movies, etc. He who has a monkey 0wns.
I bought a monkey yesterday, and now I am extremely cool.
by KaiserMonkey August 26, 2003

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A large ass, badonkadonk of mythic proportions, much junk in the trunk, etc.
"Damn, Wayne, that girl has a big booty."
"Fuck, Johnson, how many times do I have to tell you not to use stupid, childish slang? The term is 'fine ass'!"
by KaiserMonkey August 18, 2003

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Probably the best movie ever, starring two losers named Harry and Lloyd that can't seem to do anything right. When Lloyd finds a suitcase that a girl he drove to the airport left in his taxi, he and Lloyd travel to Aspen to return it. Includes such brilliant quotes as "You sold my dead bird to a blind kid?" and "You are one pathetic loser! No offense."
"I saw Dumb and Dumber last week, shit that movie is awesome!"
by KaiserMonkey August 17, 2003

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An assmaster that also works as a doctor.
Proctologist: "Did you see the game last night?"
Jim: "No, did we beat them?"
Proctologist: "We didn't just beat em, we rectum!" (rimshot)
by KaiserMonkey August 23, 2003

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The state of flirting with a man, especially one who has used the ab-abber. See Homestar Runner.
"The ladies will be all up ons."
by KaiserMonkey August 21, 2003

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(v.) To masturbate.
(adj.) A blow-off, something boring.
Bart: C'mon man, everyone knows the first day of school is a total wank!
Principal Skinner: If by 'wank' you mean 'educational experience' then by golly it is wanking time!
by KaiserMonkey September 07, 2003

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A town near Cincinnati, Ohio that is made fun of a lot due to having a name that sounds like it's referring to your ass.
"There's a sewage dump in Mianus."
"Bob, that's sick. Take that out of Mianus this instant!"
by KaiserMonkey August 19, 2003

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