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(adj.) Of or relating to a dumpus or a dumpus-like action.
"Jim, you dumpusositous fuck, the lightbulb screws in CLOCKWISE!"
by KaiserMonkey August 27, 2003
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Probably the best movie ever, starring two losers named Harry and Lloyd that can't seem to do anything right. When Lloyd finds a suitcase that a girl he drove to the airport left in his taxi, he and Lloyd travel to Aspen to return it. Includes such brilliant quotes as "You sold my dead bird to a blind kid?" and "You are one pathetic loser! No offense."
"I saw Dumb and Dumber last week, shit that movie is awesome!"
by KaiserMonkey August 17, 2003
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(1) A great band, kind of pop-punk, that sings a lot about girl problems and falling in love. Their latest album, So long, Astoria, is not as good as their last ones, but it still has some good songs.
(2) A group of Atari video game systems.
(1) "Fuck, Jim, the Ataris is a great band!" "I agree, and anyone who hates it should burn in hell."
(2) "Bob just dumped the Ataris in that corner then walked away. I hope I can have his Pong game."
by KaiserMonkey August 17, 2003
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A fast food place that got their ass sued off after food poisening killed this one guy in california, but they fixed their food after that. Also has awesome commercials.
Kid: So what did Jack come up with today?
Woman: The turkey jack.
Kid: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Woman: I know.
Kid: EVERYONE loves turkey!!!
Woman: But nobody's doing it.
by KaiserMonkey September 30, 2003
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What you say when you disagree strongly about something Bob has just said.
by KaiserMonkey August 22, 2003
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An awesome band that started in California. Their first and second CDs, Cheshire Cat and Buddha, didn't get much recognition, but with the arrival of Dude Ranch and especially Enema of the State they became famous. They aren't considered punk because they have a wide fan base and not all of their songs are rebellious. Either way, their songs are all great (except for some on their newest album), and they are by far the funniest and most original band ever to exist.
Talk to you every now and then
Never felt so alone again
I stop to think at a wishing well
Thoughts send me on a carousel
by KaiserMonkey August 20, 2005
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A large ass, badonkadonk of mythic proportions, much junk in the trunk, etc.
"Damn, Wayne, that girl has a big booty."
"Fuck, Johnson, how many times do I have to tell you not to use stupid, childish slang? The term is 'fine ass'!"
by KaiserMonkey August 18, 2003
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