A womens vagina (better known as pussy)
Let me ram my dick in your monkey.
by Katy the white girl July 27, 2006
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will be the ultimate ruler of the universe. they will come big sticks with spikes in them.
by Mark Boniface May 24, 2004
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cockney(London slang for 500 Quid
a furry animal with destructive tendencies
Hes got a monkey in his wallet!

Look at the cute fuzzy monkey
by Psymonos March 24, 2003
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a animal that lives in trees and eats banana's
any of the pg tips actors are monkeys
by blazin hot real facts January 10, 2010
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One who holds a job that requires little or no intelligence and could basically be done by any of the lesser primates.
I hate being a supermarket monkey.
by Imus August 27, 2004
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1. furry animals with loveable characters.

2. cockney term for £500
1. i was walking with my missus past the monkeys at London zoo, one of the bastards threw its own shite at us!!

2. "Fuckin' ell, just bought a Danny Marr for a monkey! Jubbly
by Joe April 14, 2004
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