Soon to be the ultimate rulers of the universe. Let it be known that they really are in charge, we only hold the illusion we are. Oftentimes mistaken for the origins of man and therefore subordinate, really, they control everything!
by Bob the Impaler March 11, 2003
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Toddlers, any and all children between the ages of crawling and 5. All kids this age are wiry, curious, funny and extremely active.
Mom: "What are my monkeys up to now?"

Mom: "stop climbing all over me/your brother/sister/the furniture/the walls, you little monkey"
by mamaO February 7, 2010
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a animal that lives in trees and eats banana's
any of the pg tips actors are monkeys
by blazin hot real facts January 10, 2010
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will be the ultimate ruler of the universe. they will come big sticks with spikes in them.
by Mark Boniface May 24, 2004
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cockney(London slang for 500 Quid
a furry animal with destructive tendencies
Hes got a monkey in his wallet!

Look at the cute fuzzy monkey
by Psymonos March 24, 2003
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Referees to cops and how they always travel together like Monkeys!
Yoo lets hop the train! Chill the monkeys are right there!
by alex5091 May 30, 2013
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One who holds a job that requires little or no intelligence and could basically be done by any of the lesser primates.
I hate being a supermarket monkey.
by Imus August 27, 2004
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