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Greatest food ever. Otherwise known as the 7th food group and the most needed.
"Whomever ordered the pizza is the greatest person ever."
by Skiff December 31, 2003

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The least ghetto town in the world, The Woodlands is home to the #1 snobbiest high school in the United States, as named by Larry King himself. Despised throughout Texas for our superiority in everything except academics because the student population is mostly stoned off of their ass (all the time).
You know you live in the Woodlands when you:

Don't care about seeing Porche's anymore

Drop a quarter and don't bother picking it up

Complain about getting an '04 BMW instead of the '05 Benz that you wanted.
by skiff October 11, 2006

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A furry animal that shall soon be the rulers of the universe. They have big ears.
"They're coming man. The monkeys. They're coming for me!"
by Skiff December 31, 2003

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To masturbate. Actually called kill a kitten.
Every time you masturbate, god kills a puppy.
by Skiff December 31, 2003

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