An odd sort of phrases and vocabulary used by Jeff Wu, Omar Hafez, Julius Seok, and Neil Choudary, all of Langley High School, McLean, Virginia. They also seem to have a fascination with appending the suffix "-ed" to any sort of word along with the word "hard" after it, perhaps relating to some comical event that occurred to them recently.
"Yeah I dunno about that."

"K can you not."

"C-can you just stop. thx."

"I think we'd better go."

"You can't touch the godly."

"Ok." (With the voice)

"Peace out, a-town."

" -ed hard."

"...or what's going on."

"Yeah definitely not."

"Yeah good luck with that."

"Way to verb."
Specifically - "Way to overly state the overly obvious."

"Way to be adjective."

"Way to be a(n) noun."

"Wow." + any of the above

"Are you joking?" (With the look)

"Are you through?"

"Spammage of the gay/godly."

"School... what the fuck is going on?"


"Worthless dude."

"Soooooo gay."


"Wanna send, post haste, kthx."

"Too hot."



"Peace out, a-town"

"Sexy" in situations where it doesn't make any sense
Example: "My profile is damn sexy."

"asap" where it doesn't make sense
Example: "I failed that physics test, asap."
by Muhammed Jihad April 24, 2005
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Language or special words that the locals speek in the area u are in.
try to speak the lingo right while we are in autralia.
by kyle August 25, 2004
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Short for the british beer branded as Carling.

Can also be used to describe a British person who voted brexit, and resides solo in a booth in spoons.
Man, I need a bloody Lingo in me.

God that guy is such a Lingo!
by Gronny November 11, 2018
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snoop dogg 'fo shizzle my nizzle'
pootie tang 'sine ur pitty on da runny kine'
by Masterpete April 5, 2004
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words or speech used in a particular area or circumstance
If you can't understand the lingo than you ned to work on your vocabulary.
by Light Joker November 29, 2006
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Language, terminology, or Dialect.
Usually of a particular "Kind" or within a certain "group", "culture" etc.
Martin didn't know the local "Lingo". So he waved instead.
by Catface July 6, 2012
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