An underrated and often overlooked movie about a Blaxploitation type character who fights crime with a belt and speaks in nonsense words that everyone understands. Pootie always respects the ladies. He is like a surreal Undercover Brother. Sa-da-tay, my damies! Pootie says "Don't baaaang tha dillies!"
It's a movie title and the name of that movies main character. Do you really need an example?
by FreeNachos November 9, 2004
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I gonna sign yo pity on the runny kine.
Sa-da-tay, my Daimee.
runny kine??? Don't ask... I don't know either.
by Ezeerider October 11, 2004
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Definetly the greatest movie ever! Pootie fights crime with a belt and speeks a funny ass language that everyone understands. Hes a rapper, super hero, and a role model.
your my main damie
by Scott Alexander March 3, 2005
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A slang term for vagina derived from the Latin root word poot, which means vagina, and tan, which means tight. Thus inferring that pootie tang means tight vagina.

Also called, vagina, puusy, pussy willow, wild forest, home of the Clit, Tamer of the G-spot, the "trick" in "whoop dat trick", tight 'n firm, pinky, cunt, hair pie, tuna taco, poonani, vertical smile, beaver, va jay jay, whisker biscuit, bearded clam, slice of heaven, love button, meat tamer, loose meat sandwich, poonany, down there, La La, vaj, and roast beef curtains.
Johnathan said to his friend Mike, "Damn, mike, look at that chick's pootie tang. I'd hit that anyday."
by Goldee July 9, 2007
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pootie tang is what a woman has between her legs for sexual pleasure.
Im going out tonight, and hopefully get some pootie tang.
by uknow-it March 30, 2009
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a word for a womans vagina, used mostly by the african american people
"DANGGG," said Wilmer, "shes got some fine pootie tang!"
by erin miller June 3, 2007
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pooty being vagina tang being the white discharge from it hence pooty tang
by Beaner October 22, 2003
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