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British slang for "Coitus Interruptus"

Typically used to describe a situation where a British man, after negotiating sexual intercourse with a European prostitute, decides to withdraw his penis, citing the rules to enter her vagina as "too bureaucratic" as well as to prevent the influx of "illegal irritants" like African herpes and Middle Eastern Gonorrhea. More often than not, the word had negative connotations, ranging from fear and loathing to downright impotence.

A "hard" brexit is a violent brexit undertaken with a stubbornly erect penis under the influence of electile dysfunctional pills like Mayagra, leading to vaginal tearing and penile fracture. A hard brexit is usually followed by several years of masturbation and self-flagellation to calm the penis down and in the worst possible scenario, total vaginal reconstruction surgery.
Nigel's abrupt brexit led to a long and lonely night for Magdalena.
by crancher November 05, 2016
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Name given to the national IQ test that was taken by 72% of the British population on Thursday 23rd June 2016. Failure rate 51.9%.
Looks like Brexit is going to actually happen.
by Gungan Flu June 24, 2016
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A specific type of fart; the kind emitted in the naïve belief it's "better out than in", but which has disastrous, unforeseen repercussions.
"Bollocks, thought I could get away with launching an air biscuit but turned out to be a full-on Brexit"
"Fuck off at once Cameron, you useless twat"
by Geology rocks March 29, 2017
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Brek-zit (noun, adj)

Sexual Act:
Pulling out when you're annoyed about either immigrants or fish, then negotiating an Actical 50 (cumming over your member state / body part of preference).
"I was doin' this Polish lass but she smelt well fishy so I brexit right out of there, union jacked it a bit and devalued the pound all over her tits.
by Geekeh June 13, 2017
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The word refers to the United Kingdom withdrawing from the EU.
Have you heard the news about Brexit?
Yeah, is the UK leaving or not?
by TheQueenOfMots July 17, 2016
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A word describing Britain's hypothetical exit from the European Union. A portmanteau of Britain and exit.
Peace out Europe, I'm gonna brexit.
by Jim_Raynor June 09, 2016
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