When you jizz in your girlfriends mouth and she asks for a kiss and then she spits your jizz into your mouth
Yeah man I had to break up with Stacy after she did the Kronos to me last night
by Teqz Revolution April 13, 2019
Greek Titan of the universe. Son of Oranos, Father of Zeus. A prophecy wads foretold that Oranos would be defeated by his son (Kronos), who would be in turn defeated by his son (Zeus). Scared the prophecy might be true, Kronos swallowed every child alive who he and Gaia (his wife) gave birth too. Gaia, after having Zeus, feared for him and hid him on Earth. Eventually, Zeus and Gaia tricked Kronos into puking out their children (Poseidon, Hera, Hades,etc.) and Zeus declared war on Kronos. Kronos then gathered all the titans for battle. Zeus, however, called the gods and the thousand handed ones to his aid. The thousand handed ones then threw rocks and killed the titans. The survivos (including Kronos) and all of Kronos's minions were put in the hellish prison Tartarus where they would spend the rest of their days.
If you play the game "Age of Mythology, the Titans Ex." you can find stories of Kronos, or simply go to your public library.
by All seeing December 9, 2004
Normally a title attached to a well endowed, yet refreshingly humble person. (Kro- from ancient greek; krokoas, gracious, nos - noslaakia, ancient greek; very large pork sausage often used with pizza like pastry based dishes)
-I heard that guy can hit the bottom of a beer glass.
-Wow, I wonder if he is single, what a kronos
by Michelle Holloway September 12, 2005
A man who doesn't mind the taste of his own ejaculate.
You like eating cream pies and being baby birded? Never pegged you for being a Kronos.
by Salewd November 13, 2018
A system/program used for job applications and pre employment information that bigger employers like Kroger, Home Depot and Walmart use to determine whether you can work for them.

Simply known as Kronos is a long test that takes up 35min of your life you wont ever get back when applying for a job that asks you useless and sometimes personal questions unrelated to the job in the form of "Strongly Agree", "Agree" "Neteral", "Disagree", Strongly Disagree" answers . Some of the questions are "You are afraid of the unknown?" "Your friends call you when they need help" "your family agrees with all your decisions" so on so forth.

Kronos questions were created by some crazy ass shrink psychologist to determine peoples likability and how they handle situations and stress. The test holds no proof or evidence that based on how the questions are answered would deem an individual a good or inapt to work as lame stocker at grocery store. Nor do employers have the right to bar you from a job offer based on these answers that discriminate based on your response that is very much limited because you cannot add your own word or explain why you chose the answers you did.
Hey man! I thought you had a job interview.

Yeah, the manager said that based on my Kronos test result, I am a psychotic maniac that wont be able to bag groceries for 8$ an hour.

Awh man, you should have just looked up the answers to that lame ass test.
by LogicalLife April 5, 2015
To do a kronos is when one trys to abort doing a certain task by hiding themselves away from the rest of the pact.
Kronos_old_1 hiding with private chat off, on the popular MMORPG Runescape
by Mr_delija January 25, 2008
A god in valorant

And everything else

Super funny and definitely better than Meeple
Kronos is so funny and so ...good .....
by None ya bizniz November 22, 2021