a place located somewhere in YOUR neighborhood where bums, punk kids and old people tend to hang out. They smell, rarely are clean, and are loaded with books. the stench is that of booze mixed with body oder toppled off with a touch of old rotting building. They tend to offer free services besides books such as wifi or computer access. This tends to attract more bums who constantly watch porno on the computers.
Guy1: yo you going to the public library?
by kramer, cozmo September 28, 2007
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A place where you can increase your intelligence stats for free. You cannot fill up your hunger or thirst meter while entering this zone though. Here you will find many other NPCs but you should not waste your time talking to them since they prefer a quiet environment and will be provoked if your noise meter rises too much.
I'm going to the public library to increase my literacy stat.
by willywonkaboi April 26, 2019
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To be absolutely insane beyond words. Since public libraries are open to all people from all walks of life they often become a second (first?) home for the mentally ill and paranoid. Public library crazy refers to people who talk gibberish and reek of urine and stale cigarette smoke. Public library crazy is the craziest form of craziness possible.
That homeless man who thinks the feds are after him like to hide in the restrooms at the library. He talks to himself and is convinced he is being spied on by Communists. He is indeed Public Library Crazy.
by Mr. Library June 11, 2008
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a large building near a city's downtown filled with books, children, and sleeping homeless people
"hey brother can you spare a dime?"
"shut up and go to the public library!"

"shit! i really need some books, homeless people, and children."
"dude, have you heard of the public library?"
by uncle fuckbucket March 7, 2023
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