A store to get the finest dry wall. It tastes splendid.
*School Ends* Student: Yo! Wanna go to Home Depot? Other Student: YEAH! The drywall is amazing!
by Smatos November 12, 2019
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HOE-M D-POE 1 . A large warehouse providing building materials for the construction industry 2. Considered a co-workers garage of which is stockpiled with stolen materials from local construction sites as well as his/her own employer 3. Place where cheap labor, ie mexicans, can be purchased at a low cost and employed for physically demanding jobs of which pennies can be barterd for services. See also; beaner, wetback, tijuana river rat.
John Doe has to purchase lumber to frame up a wall from Home Depot, and will consider hiring a mexican to clean up the mess when the project is complete.

John Doe : Why do I constantly steal materials that customers pay for and fill my garage with them, im practically running a Home Depot from my garage.
Juan Doe : I like carne asada.

John Doe : I have to dig a trench in my backyard.
Jane Doe : You should go to Home Depot and hire a Mexican to work for table scraps.
by Jack B November 18, 2005
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Pedro: "Hey Juan, lets go get a job"
by Epif en tree October 20, 2008
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The hightest degree one can reach on the tool scale.
God damn that bastards past a tool shed he's a fucking home depot. Holy shit.
by Scuba fucking steve October 5, 2003
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the biggest type of tool that someone can be
Me: See that guy with the popped collar?
You: Yes he is a Home Depot
by LAcrasher00 February 14, 2009
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A place (club, bar, etc.) full of tools.
There were so many douchebag tools coming out of the club... frickin' Home Depot tonight.
by heavyweightboxer May 30, 2011
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A BIG-orange mistake.
I work at Home Depot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it's a complete regret. It's a joke, I don't know how these places stay open or receive any sort of industry acclaim, I mean, really people...
by Sag November 19, 2003
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