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A level of coolness that far surpasses the norm. May apply to a person or an event as the situation dictates.

Antonym: "melted".

An action which creates awkwardness, tension, or in any way decreases the coolness quotient of a given situation can be said to be "melting the ice". Many variants can expand the concept, such as "frostbite" or "permafrost", but take care that variations not be contrived or forced, lest you melt the very ice to which you are seeking to refer.
"Oh my god, that was the ice"

Trying to salvage a rapidly deteriorating situation you say "Dude, don't melt the ice"

Some d-bag refuses to let you lane change on the road; you exclaim "this guy is f'n melting my ice!"
by Keith C. January 29, 2008
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Use to describe anything that is very shiny, nice, or of high value. Often combined with your index and middle finger making a sideways V over your eye. A car scene term.
"U C Da Ice?"

"The Ice, do you see it?"
by Zbuckbuck September 17, 2014
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When refusing to use the term "fire" one shall use "Ice" instead in order describe something that is cool. Not temperature cool, but cool as in it's the shit.
Yo, that girl's ass is The Ice holmes. I'd love to wax that ass.
by DNOmoney September 17, 2007
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