Frost that can never ever ever melt or else it wouldn't be PERMAfrost.
Silly environmentalists are concerned about permafrost melting, which goes to show just how rational environmentalists really are.
by rmk- July 11, 2008
The state in which ground is "permanently" frozen.
The condition in TryMe's pants.
Tryme is suffering from "permafrost".
by Bastard August 21, 2003
A mullet, usually found on H. Sapiens Lesibianus-Arkansensis, the long back portion of which is not only permed, but frosted.
That is one fine permafrost mullett on that lesbian up ahead!
by Mike-N-Tally June 14, 2004
hydroponic marijuana distributed among emo kids and sophomores at ike. n00bs think it is special and the best bud in the world, but is actually just normal dros, and given the name to make it sound special. kids who like permafrost normally smoke schwag or bc's and have never smoked real bud.
yo kermit pass me dat permafrost
by budman420 June 4, 2007
The state of being casually, sociably or lightly buzzed for inordinate amounts of time, e.g., a few days. Permafrosting usually involvs drinking upon waking up, and continuing to do so into the night (see: wake'n'drank.) Usually done on weekends or short vacations in foreign countries with a warm climate.
"Doesn't that gentleman look jovial?"
"Yes, I believe he's been permafrosting."

"Good morning Ms., care for a cocktail?"
"Yes, quite."
"Let us permafrost."
by i81u812didntu? March 5, 2009
Someone who has just been burned but is so slow, he doesn't realize that he's been burned untill at least 8 or 9 seconds after the burn.
Person 1: Man, there's this kickass party tonight, and only the popular kids are invited.
Person 2: Well, I guess that rules you out then.
Person 1: I guess you're right...Hey, wait a minute!
Person 2: Congrats! You've been completely and totally Permafrosted!
by Nurmi September 17, 2005
Red eye symptoms from natural effects such as highly dry eyes.
Teacher: “Are you high?”
Student: “No, it’s a condition called “permafrost”. My eyes dry up easier during this time of season.”
by Kevin Stacy March 29, 2020