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Randy is a feeling of arousal. To be "horny."
Becca, i'm feeling randy baby.
by Rlvers December 16, 2011

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The place of a girls vagina in between her legs that is usually visible when they wear tight pants.
Look! its the gap, I'd hit that.
by Rlvers March 23, 2011

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a very fatal, rare form of cancer. Also is the really annoying commercial.
Did you see the mesothelioma commercial? its on like every minute.
by Rlvers March 11, 2011

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Having sex with a girl while she is on her period, and cumming inside her mixing the semen with the blood, therefore making "strawberry milk."
Oh nothing, just making some strawberry milk.
by Rlvers March 03, 2011

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Park Vista is a high school in Lake worth, Florida. AKA a force within that wants to fuck up everything.
I was on track to go to FSU, but park vista came into the picture, and now i'm lucky to be going to PBSC for two years.
by Rlvers January 16, 2011

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the act of being to expensive for the quality of means.
Bro, your acting like your school lunch right now. Just like how i don't want to pay three dollars for a soggy chicken sandwich.
by Rlvers January 28, 2011

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The act of chewing delicious beef jerkey either being of the teriyaki or peppered flavor.(Like Jesse Brings)
Hey bro, whats up?" "nothing much, just jerking" "oh man, i want some!
by Rlvers January 06, 2011

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