The space between that you reside in when allowing your new lover to explore you (when there is little sexual connection) and trying to let go in mind and soul of your old lover with whom shook your world (and you had a deep connection with).
Thoughts of my ex-lover popping into my head as my new lover made me orgasm; keeping me in "the space between"
by The space in between girl July 24, 2013
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The strange anatomical phenomenon that occurs when a woman's breasts don't quite touch each other. Quite a turnoff, generally.
Luke: I almost went all the way last night with her, man.
Gregg: What do you mean "almost"?
Luke: Well, she took her top off, and then I saw the space between...
Gregg: Oh, man, gross.
Luke: Yeah, and then that awful Dave Matthews Band song popped into my head, and it was all over.
by Doug E. Fresh Barcelona September 9, 2009
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