To lose really badly in a race, usually as it applies in motorcycle and car racing. Someone who has been gapped has lost a race so badly that he or she should strongly consider finding a new hobby.

Beating someone by half a car length is not a "gap." You must beat someone by an absolutely humiliating distance, like two or more bus lengths.
Joe thought he could take on Greg's corvette, but he got gapped and everyone saw.
by 187um October 18, 2016
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What happens when you try to race a Honda Civic with a laptop riding shotgun
Damn! You’re gonna get Gapped
by Puxplz July 1, 2021
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What happins to a womens inner thighs after too much innercourse with many partners.
"Damn B, Beth's P-Jawn is freekin' gapped." or "I banged Susan until she was gapped."
by The Game February 9, 2003
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When a woman has been fucked with something so enormous (e.g. a Dragon dildo, or any variant of a Big Dick such as a BWC or a BBC) that her pussy can't return to it's previous tightness. This is where the phrase,"once you go black you'll never go back" comes from. It's not about race so much as it's about grinding the walls of your vagina down until it's like a fleshy, 16th century smoothbore cannon that can fire out ping pong balls with ease. As they say, "Burn the coal, pay the toll." Similarly, while the sensitivity may return, some women who have become mothers will say, "It just isn't the same," after they've had kids. That's because they've pushed something between the size of a brick to a cinder block out of the ol' roastie.
That chick is gapped as fuck. She's either a Cam Whore or dated too many black guys, because that shit was like a hot dog in a hallway.
by ClassicalPositioning November 20, 2019
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A word to describe someone being beaten up, mostly rich people, but can be used by chavs aswell.
1. Oi bruv, u just got gapped.
2. Bladz, lets get out of here before we get gapped
by Kafa March 17, 2006
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New Zealand Slang for 'leaving suddenly', or 'going for the gap'
Rangi - Bro, I went to meet this chick from Tinder, but she was a minga!
Wiremu - What did you do bro?
Rangi - I gapped it hard
by churbro May 2, 2018
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Ridding bikes through random gaps anywhere in a large city. Many drink Go Ape Energy while gapping.
Aaron: Hey, do you want to go gapping after school?
Alex: Dude thats sweet,i will go buy some Go Ape
by grillzchad February 22, 2011
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