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The act of woman lying about being raped, and then spreading the word. There are many reasons she may do this, including:

1. Attention
2. Money
3. Revenge
4. Fame
5. An excuse for a one night stand/ unwanted pregnancy/ just being a general whore.

These rapeagandists often severely piss off those who are actual victims of rape, and many who are actual victims fail to come forward, possibly because they may be perceived as a rapeagandist.
Yo, did Kobe really rape that girl, or was it just a rapeaganda?
by morbidsweet March 26, 2010
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A slut who wants to destroy America with her giant commie vagina, drenching the United States with Communisim and fucking Democracy up the ass with a giant strap-on.
After fucking that commie whore, Ryan's dick was plagued with the large angry warts of Communism.
by morbidsweet March 24, 2010
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What you exclaim when you see a very large and/or slutty woman, in reference to the size of their massive, cavern-like vagina. This usually followed by a diving gesture (Clasping the hands together and dipping the body forward, as in to "Dive in" to them.)
(Lauren and Mariah are walking behind Kaci in the hallway, who is a rather large, nasty whore. )

Lauren (to Mariah): "Dive in!"
Mariah: *diving gesture*
by morbidsweet March 26, 2010
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The disgusting valley of space between the legs of girls who are way too fucking skinny. These "gaps" are possessed by girls who look like 13-year old boys, and not real women. They are also generally flat-chested and all-around unattractive.
When I was walking up the stairs to English, I got stuck behind the girl with the gap, and it was right in my face! So gross.
by morbidsweet March 26, 2010
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