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A massive media mogul that has produced and released hundreds of video games for most platforms (if not all of today's modern ones), and detroyed many valuable, well-liked companies in the process.

Some companies destroyed by Electronic Arts:

Maxis - Creator of the "Sim" games (such as "The Sims", "SimCopter", and of course, "SimCity") which made quality games with attention to humor and detail. Since EA's absorbtion of this fine game maker, games are released buggy and unfinished, and are never quite properly fixed, since patches don't come out as they should.

Westwood - Creator of the Command & Conquer series of games, also obliterated by EA. Excellent titles were produced by Westwood, and came in an actually finished state. If there were problems, they were patched. Since becoming one of the many sub-names of EA, games produced under the C&C trademark have been ridiculously shoddy. One such game is Command & Conquer Generals, and its expansion, C&CG: Zero Hour. This particular title is absolutely ridden with bugs and improper code, and despite its popularity, EA refuses to release updated patches for it.
Microsoft offers computing solutions. Electronic Arts - that's a monopoly. A monopoly that abuses its own customers to the fullest extent allowed by law and the rules of business.
by LS February 22, 2005
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the part between a womens vagina and anus
don't let Ross near the Biffon that's where he loves a sniffen
by Ls May 07, 2003
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The official john of GPA whores everywhere.
Summa cum laude, bitch!
by LS February 04, 2005
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The Gap is the part between a womans arse. You can see their Gap with the help of tight jeans.
Damn, have a look at her. Tight Jeans, tight arse and The GAP.
Guys love filling a Gap and some box eaters with their plastic toys, you don't have to be a carpenter to fill it either.
by Ls May 23, 2003
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your a bunch of dumb bitches
by LS October 15, 2003
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