A man who has wood and does things with it. Carpenters use their tools for such purposes as screwing, drilling, and reaming. Rubbing and sawing away at old logs are also common activities. Nailing, while definitely an important part of carpentry, is not nearly as good as screwing. Carpenters also often get glue all over their wood.
While carpentry is an important and serious subject - after all, without it, we wouldn't have such things as chairs, desks, tables and doors - the terminology of carpentry is fraught with opportunities to make crass sexual innuendos.
Carpenters themselves, of which I am one, exploit these opportunities whenever possible.
Jesus was a famous carpenter, but all the jokes were removed by po-faced editors when he wrote The Bible.
Drilling, screwing, nailing, reaming, rubbing - all things done by a carpenter.
by Tony Prescott September 29, 2006
Someone who has a hammer, aka a big dick.
Girl 1: Dan is such a carpenter
Girl 2: Why is that?
Girl 1: He has a hammer!
Girl 2: A hammer?
Girl 1: Yeah, a big dick!!
by dudebrochillz April 29, 2011
the act of a woman giving a hand job while holding a piece of sandpaper.
"dude! i almost went to the hospital 'cause that bitch tried to give me a carpenter"
by stoak May 8, 2010
What Jesus did as his part time job lol
Jesus was good with handling wood lol him and his little fisher price carpenter toolkit
by Rupert "dong" Dupert December 15, 2007
when you bang a girl using a 4x4 as a strap-on
the carpenter hurts like hell I have a splinter in my ass
by adrain barboza April 2, 2019
A carpenter is a legit, badass, problem solving, beer drinking, tang slaying, beast of a man!
Mary: man my dude is a pussy!
Mary’s friend: bitch you shoulda got you a carpenter! My man is the shit. Fixes everything and smashes like a beast!
Mary: well gotta Ditch this electrician!
by Bwahaha26 June 4, 2018
the act of wrapping sandpaper around your Penis and having sex with a woman
after i used the carpenter she was smooth as a pebble
by 07 Sr. Mens Swim November 6, 2007