"The Fear" is the sense that you have done yourself some lasting damage after a night of drinking. It's symptoms are:

- A feeling that you are going to die soon (and not just due to other hangover symptoms);
- A sense that people or organizations are out to get you;
- Angst that you may have offended, inappropriately touched or physically attacked someone the night before;
- Foreboding about the next time you meet the people or return to the bar where you degraded yourself the previous night.

The fear is often accompanied by "The Remorse" where you are also genuinely ashamed and sorry for the way you have behaved, as well as simply frightened for the sake of your own wellbeing.
Concerned Friend: "How are you feeling after last night?"
Sufferer: "I am riddled with The Fear. And cat AIDS."
by Jaques le Chef April 15, 2008
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That feeling that accompanies one when they wake up after a night of heaving drinking, or in the midst of a psychedelic voyage. The individual has an irrational fear of nothing in particular, and often feels worthless and lowly, as if everything they have done has been a lie, and they are a horrible person. The Fear can affect anyone.

Dude Bill got so fucked up last night. He woke up this morning and was talking about how he never wanted to drink again, and that he was going to go to church to pray for redemption from all the bad things he as done, which is a lot.

Gail: Yeah man he's got the fear. He said that last weekend and and the one before that, and before that...
by acidtripper6666669 January 2, 2013
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proper noun. The ominous feeling of heightened personal or collective uneasiness induced by altered states of consciousness (due to drugs, paranoia, oppressive government, etc.).

Famously capitalized by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
The eyes of a thousand DEA agents focused on my briefcase, and The Fear began to take hold.
by Lingrad March 17, 2005
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The Fear is something we all experience after a hard night on it when you wake up the next day, with no knowledge of what happened, terrified of who you spoke to, what you said & what you did. Then whilst searchin... See more through your sent texts you feel even worse and want to hide under your duvet and never come out...sometimes it results to tears. In short- the worst feeling in the world ...ever.
The Fear- Crazy night...wake up... realise you have sent texts to everyone you know, even those you havent spoke to for years talking the biggest pile of crap every spoken. Followed by flashbacks of sheer evilness.
by EveyT May 8, 2010
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An unknown phenomenon that occurs, usually on a Sunday evening, when one is extremely tired and or hung over from a long weekend, trip, or vacation and can not fall asleep. Symptoms include: angst, restlessness, irritability, frustration, flash backs, and sweating.
Last night Katie had to chug a bottle of NyQuil to battle the fear because she had a big day at work on Monday.
by Honk82 July 21, 2008
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describes a state of intense drug induced paranoia.
Wheres my knife?... the Fears got me bad man...
by jim June 24, 2003
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The feeling you get after having 3-4 cups of coffee and are not sure you are going to make it to the bathroom.

Usually involves explosive diarrhea.
My god get over and cover my post I've caught the fear!
by Gate1graveyard January 16, 2014
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