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Carnage- chaotic drinking mayhem. A night out which consists of sheer madness with friends, usually results in having "The Fear" in the morning due to crazy drinking antics!
Carnage= Drunkness, Racing in heels, jumping in the ocean/sea - ( winter is worse) , drawing on faces, stealing random pointless items from places such as glasses, posters, toilet signs etc. Going to roughly 4 or 5 after-partys after the after party you were at after your night out.
by EveyT May 09, 2010

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The Fear is something we all experience after a hard night on it when you wake up the next day, with no knowledge of what happened, terrified of who you spoke to, what you said & what you did. Then whilst searchin... See more through your sent texts you feel even worse and want to hide under your duvet and never come out...sometimes it results to tears. In short- the worst feeling in the world ...ever.
The Fear- Crazy night...wake up... realise you have sent texts to everyone you know, even those you havent spoke to for years talking the biggest pile of crap every spoken. Followed by flashbacks of sheer evilness.
by EveyT May 08, 2010

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An OD story is a totally pointless, heart-wrenching, anger- quenching story spoken in a monotonous tone which has no excitement or point to telling it. It usually results in the person hearing it to want to stick their phone down their throat or cry from boredum! It can also make you want to Overdose and the person telling you this story is an OD!
An OD Story, an OD tells you- One time i was walking down the street with my granda, and he had a penny stuck to his head. So, i told him, "granda you have a penny stuck to your head." and he said " dont be silly son" then we kept walking.

You- Aww man i just got OD'd!
by EveyT May 25, 2010

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