Extensive practice of evil.
The religion of evil people.
The predominant form of behavior of duplicitous people in power.
The current philosophy that, put into action, is rapidly destroying any trace of humane behavior.
Everybody here lies. This city -and its government- is pure Evilism.
by rperazag May 12, 2010
E- every
V- villain
I- is
L- lemons
Man Ray, the Dirty Bubble, and Barnacle Boy all formed an alliance known as EVIL.
by parismccrackenxyoubet May 11, 2008
Amazing English thrash metal band, formed in 2004 by brothers Matt (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ol Drake (lead guitar), Mike Alexander (bass) and Ben Carter (drums)

Current discography:
All Hallows Eve (EP) -2004
Hell Demo - 2006
Enter the Grave (first full-length album) - 2007
Infected Nations (LP) -2009

A really great, very talented band (especially the drummer) Reviving classic thrash, they kinda sound like a big amalgam of Metallica, Slayer and Exodus, which can't possibly be a bad thing can it?!

Any fans of thrash should definitely check their stuff out
Jack: Hey, did you check out Evile's Enter The Grave?
Mike: No, should I?
Jack: Hell yes!
Mike: *has an eargasm*
by CandleJackR1104 September 19, 2009
Essential ingredient for the making of humans.
Recipe for Human:
Add 3 cups water
Add half dozen eggs
Add chopped cabbage
Mix gently while adding Evil until desired effect.
Bake at 97 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 months
Serve chilled
by Krab October 10, 2003