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proper noun. The ominous feeling of heightened personal or collective uneasiness induced by altered states of consciousness (due to drugs, paranoia, oppressive government, etc.).

Famously capitalized by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
The eyes of a thousand DEA agents focused on my briefcase, and The Fear began to take hold.
by Lingrad March 17, 2005

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In an email, IM, IRC, SMS, or MUD exchange, temporarily unable to write, as through astonishment.

Compare to speechless in spoken language.
A: Remember that sick panda at the zoo?
B: Yeah.
A: She died.
B: ...I'm textless.
by Lingrad July 14, 2005

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interj. expression used after another's statement or question to indicate utter disagreement
Speaker A: "The Creative mp3 players are superior to all models of the iPod, don't you think?"
Speaker B: "Indeedn't!"
by Lingrad March 04, 2005

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Pseudo-affectionate name of new Pope Benedict XVI, whose given surname, Ratzinger, was cleverly clipped and added to "papa," Italian for "pope," perhaps to suggest the celebrity-seeking, camera-clutching "paparazzi" of the last fifty years.
Can you believe that the conclave of cardinals at the Vatican elected Joseph Ratzinger to be the next pope? I wonder if Papa Ratzi knows that his new nickname means "annoying flies" in Italian.
by Lingrad April 21, 2005

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n. the state of becoming such an everyday luxury that people expect to be able to afford it at all times.
Even though champagne may still provide a glimmer of excitement, it has certainly undergone the smoked salmon effect because it's so commonplace and people have come to expect it.
by Lingrad February 14, 2005

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n. the act of recognizing another user of the Apple iPod digital music player, especially by noticing the characteristic white earbuds, sometimes accompanied by a visual cue of recognition such as a head nod or smile.
Pod spotting in San Francisco last summer was an inevitability because the Apple Expo was in town and the hot topic was digital music.
by Lingrad December 02, 2004

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n. juvenile euphemism for a bowel movement.
v. to defecate
(compare to tinkle)
Father: Are you doing the pee pee dance, Timmy?
Timmy: No, I need to tonkle.
Father: Okay, don't forget to wipe.
by Lingrad July 22, 2005

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